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Dear advisors and friends,

Hope you are well with the family.

I, together with 2 colleagues from the Society, have just been to Pyongyang, North Korea for 5 days from Apr. 26th till 30th.

We were members of a delegation, composed of 15 people from the Association of National Patriots Descendents and Dangun(founder of Korea) Race Unification Consultation Committee, visiting Pyongyang for visits of historic sites in North Korea and discussions with North Korean authority on the exchange of visits and joint events at civilian level.
This was the first visit by Korean delegation to Pyongyang since the new government in the South has been in the office.

We have visited all the notable historic sites in North Korea including Kim Il Sungs birth place, Juche Tower, Triumphant Tower, Dangun s tomb, tomb of the founder of Koguryo dynasty, Daedong River, Eulmildae, one of the most beautiful natural scenes in Pyongyang looking over Daedong River, East Gate of Pyongyang, built in 2000 years ago, Moranbong Theatre where NY Phil. performed recently, and most importantly Myohyang-san Mountain(1909 meters), one of the most beautiful mountains in Korean peninsula, where North Korean Governmemnt displayed more than 220 thousands of gifts given to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il by foreign distinguished visitors including Jimmy Carter, Billy Graham, in a building with 4 or 5 stories underground.

We really enjoyed visiting historic sites and scenic views, and watched circus, known as the best performer in the world, also became close to North Korean counterparts, whose habits and behaviors were just like ordinary koreans in Seoul, when we bid the farewell after 5 days.

We discussed with North Korean counterparts on several important issues which I can not reveal here.
As for the Hulbert, I delivered a number of books and writeups of Dr. Hulbert to them for their studies
and asked them to officially honor him as the National Patriot by the North Korean Government.
My counterpart, whose father was a friend of Kim Il Sung and grandfather was also very close to Kim Il
Sungs father(his father and grand father were honored as National Patriots by South Korean government for their fight against Japan), recognizing that there were many Americans who assisted Korea, agreed to review about Dr. Hulbert via the Social Science Academy(he was not aware of Dr. Hulbert and does not know if historians know of Dr. Hulbert), and further review about my proposal of honoring him a National Patriot.

We stayed in the Yanggakdo hotel(amazingly 48 stories) in the island of Daedong River like Yoido with beautiful views looking down Daedong river. The facility was not that great but acceptable for the stay.
There was 9 hole par 3 golf course just in front of the hotel and I played once in the morning in crisp air, which was so great though the green was terrible.
For your reference, the US vessel, General Sherman, tried to anchor in Pyongyang around the hotel location in 1866 but at the governments instruction the vessel was set fire by soldiers and citizens of Pyongyang. I think Korea should have opened the door to western society at that time, then Korea could have not been tortured by neighboring countries of Russia, China and Japan like that in late 19th century.

Sorry, I can not elaborate everything over here. I will give more story when I come across to you.

For photos, pls visit website Korean version at 통신 - 자료실.

Hoping to see you soon,

Best regards, DJ


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